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Oklahoma's Fastest 24 Hours Emergency Towing and Roadside Assistance

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At Tow Mate OKC, we are the towing service that you can trust. We specialize in everything from car towing and equipment towing to roadside assistance and wrecker service, so that means that no matter what your vehicle’s needs are, we can help. Whether you need your car or motorcycle towed from a parking lot because you’re locked out, or have broken down miles away from home and need help getting back, we have the tools and expertise needed to get the job done correctly. Call us today for fast, friendly service!

Towing Service

Tow Mate OKC is a professional towing company that provides 24/7 roadside assistance. We have the best drivers who can take care of you right away. Our drivers specialize in handling different types of towing situations – like broken down vehicles, dead batteries, flats, and other problems. We are here for your benefit and we aim to deliver it with our no-nonsense mentality which is founded on providing excellent customer service.

Wrecker Service

Tow Mate is a Towing and Recovery company that specializes in towing and recovering wrecked or disabled vehicles. We provide personal service to help with the stress of auto accidents, improved safety, insurance issues, and preventative maintenance. We have the right tools to get your vehicle going again. With years of experience in the towing industry and 24 hours a day 7 days a week service, we can provide you with the proper care and service that vehicles need. We are committed to providing the highest quality equipment and parts available as well as offering a personal level of service not found elsewhere.

Flatbed Hauling

Tow Mate’s flatbed haulers possess the skills and experience needed to ensure your goods arrive at their destination as gently as possible. Flatbed hauling is a specialized area of our business and we are committed to providing you with superior service. When you need to transport large, bulky, or delicate items, flatbed hauling services are the way to go. Our professional drivers will safely load and transport your items on a specialized flatbed trailer.

Roadside Assistance

When a problem arises, you can be sure our tow truck technicians will be there to make the situation right. Our drivers are highly trained and ready to get you back on the road quickly. We offer fast, reliable service that you can count on when you need it most. Our professional technicians are equipped to handle any roadside emergency, including tire changes, fueling issues, and jumpstarts.

Repossession Service

Tow Mate OKC is the leading repossession service in the Oklahoma area. Our team of certified professionals can recover and tow away your vehicle or boat with minimal damage to the property and a minimum of fuss. Our goal is to handle your concern with as little interruption as possible, whether you are a private person, car dealer, or lending institution. We handle all types of vehicles and can even recover boats, RVs, and trailers.

Automotive Locksmith

Our automotive locksmith services are designed to give our customers peace of mind, and allow them to have the safe environment they deserve to live in, work in, and travel in. The security of your automobile and property is our pride. When you call on us, we will immediately dispatch a team of highly trained professionals who can help you solve any security issues that you may be facing. We offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services, which makes our company your most reliable choice in times of crisis.

Cash for Junk Car

Selling a junk car? Tow Mate OKC buys junk cars and pays cash for them. We are sure to offer you a fair price for your unwanted vehicle. Whether it doesn’t run or has been damaged, we will come by to give you a quote and then pay you in cash on the spot. Car owners can get the most money possible by selling their unwanted vehicles to us. Selling your junk car couldn’t be easier!

Free Tow Away

Free tow-away for public or private property! Towing is available 24/7. Our drivers are expertly trained in the vehicle removal process and will ensure your vehicles are towed without incident. We provide a phone number for claiming the towed vehicle, as well as signage telling customers that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.

Medium Duty Towing

Our medium-duty tow truck drivers are some of the best in the industry. They have passed all necessary regulations and have received training in order to guarantee that your vehicle is handled safely, regardless of the event. We offer affordable rates and can quickly organize a tow in any situation which will help to reduce any stress involved with either short or long-distance moves.