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When it comes to garage door repair and maintenance, you need a local business that you can trust. And at Top Pro Garage Door, we’re proud to stand behind all of the work that we do for our customers. As Palm Desert, CA’s most trusted garage door repair, maintenance, and installation company, we are committed to offering nothing but the best service for our clients.

For years, we have built a reputation for providing fast, dependable service at a competitive price. We pride ourselves on our excellence in installing, repairing, and maintaining garage doors all around the area. Our fully insured technicians will arrive promptly at your home or business to perform any garage door repair you require. We will make sure you get the best value for your dollar, with speedy and effective service.

If you need service on your garage door, you can count on us to get it done right the first time! Our 24/7 service guarantees that you won’t be waiting around for help when you need it most. Our expert technicians are on call at all times, and we can respond to your call within the hour. So, rest assured that whatever your residential or commercial garage door repair needs may be, we’re always here for you around the clock!


Garage door problems are unexpected. And they never occur on a convenient schedule. When garage door issues arise, you need to ensure that you can deal with them immediately. Whether you’re having trouble with your garage door opener, spring, or track — only calling a professional can provide the help you need. Luckily, Top Pro Garage Door is here to help! Our 24/7 emergency garage door repair services are available 365 days a year to repair any issue that may arise with your garage door. So no matter what kind of garage door issue you may have, we’re ready to assist with 24/7 garage door repair in Palm Desert and beyond.


Whether you’re looking for a new garage door or need to repair an old one, we can help. We believe that garage doors deserve the same extra care and attention that your home deserves. And our team of experienced professionals can help you choose the right product for your needs, budget, and preferences, and install it correctly. We offer a wide range of garage door products, including carriage houses, steel, wood doors, and more! We also provide free estimates on all our services and can provide you with a convenient payment plan if necessary.


Garage doors play a vital role in the overall appearance of your home. It keeps items inside it safe from theft. And at the same time, it keeps off trespassers, giving your family some peace of mind. Replacement garage doors don’t just change the look of your garage, they also help improve its durability, security, and lifespan.

If you’re in the market for a garage door replacement, look no further than Top Pro Garage Door! We offer excellent prices and customer service on our wide selection of garage door types. Whether you have an old garage door or need a new garage door for your new house, we have the perfect options for you.


While all of the parts of a garage door are important, the springs perform arguably the most important functions. The springs provide the energy required to lift and lower the door safely and smoothly. However, if they’re not functioning properly, there may be difficulties with the garage door’s operation. Fortunately, Top Pro Garage Door’s spring repair services can help you restore your springs to full functionality.

Our experts at Top Pro Garage Door will assess your damaged springs and recommend appropriate repairs based on their findings. They can also install new springs as necessary so that your garage door is safe to use once again. Our technicians will ensure that all parts of your garage door are working properly before they leave your premises so you can get back on your day with a well-functioning garage door!


If you have a business, having the right garage door can make all the difference when it comes to approaching customers. Security is a mark of a successful business, and no less so than office security. That’s where the right garage door can make all the difference for an enterprise to connect with customers. A sturdy and durable commercial garage door should be a necessity for any business owner, and Top Pro Garage Door offers high-quality commercial garage doors at affordable rates!

Our commercial garage doors are available in different styles and materials. From aluminum to steel and even fiberglass — we have it all! Whether it’s for security or just aesthetics, you can find what you’re looking for at Top Pro Garage Door. Contact us today to learn more!


Q Do you offer emergency garage door repair?

Yes, our 24/7 technicians are here to help you with any garage door repair needs you may have. We know that a malfunctioning garage door can be a major inconvenience, so we’re always available to get your door back up and running as quickly as possible. If you’re experiencing problems with your garage door, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to help you troubleshoot the issue and find a solution.

Q What should I do if my garage door opener doesn't work?

If your garage door opener isn’t responding properly, look into a few possible solutions. First, make sure that it’s plugged into a working power outlet and that the batteries are fresh. If your opener doesn't respond to the reset button, unplug it for a few minutes and then plug it back in. If that doesn't work, check to see if something is blocking the sensor. Finally, if all else fails, feel free to contact the professionals at Top Pro Garage. We'd be happy to help you get your garage door opener back to life!

Q What brand of garage door openers do you install?

We install Genie, Chamberlain, LiftMaster, and Craftsman garage door openers. We are authorized dealers for all of these brands and offer a full range of products, from the most basic chain drive models to the most advanced belt-drive and screw-drive openers. We can help you choose the right opener for your needs, and we’ll make sure it’s properly installed so that it works safely and efficiently. If you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

Q Why does my garage door only close halfway?

If your garage door gets stuck halfway, this could mean that there is something obstructing the path of the door. It’s possible that a piece of debris might be blocking the door from closing all the way. If this is the case, you can try to clear away the obstruction and see if that fixes the problem. It could also be a more serious issue with the track or roller system or a problem with the door opener. If you are unable to determine what is causing the obstruction, it’s best to call in a professional to take a look and help resolve the problem.

Q How often should I service my garage door?

It’s generally recommended that you have your garage door serviced every 12 months. This helps to ensure that all the parts are in good working condition and that there are no potential issues. Servicing can also help to extend the life of your garage door. During a service, our technician will inspect the door, lubricate all the moving parts, and make any necessary adjustments. We can also resolve any small issues before they become big problems.