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Sky-high on floors 20 to 31, residents of the lower tower have an unbeatable view of Mount Rainier and the glistening white cityscape beyond. They can take in Lake Washington, Lake Union, and the sparkling Elliott Bay from their windows; it’s almost like living in a cloud! But for those living below, there are still breathtaking views to be enjoyed. One of First Hill’s quaint architecture and lush surrounding parks are as inspiring as they are scenic.

At Graystone, residents enjoy the ultimate combination of urban convenience and outdoor beauty. With its streetcar, light rail station, I-5 access all close by – commuting is easy! But take a few steps out your front door to explore some stunning parks in First Hill: Freeway Park with modern art installations; Frye Gardens nestled beside the iconic Frye Art Museum on Terry Ave; Horiuchi Park’s flourishing community garden or St James’ peaceful grounds – perfect for that al fresco picnic you’ve been dreaming about!

After an efficient day of work in the business center, why not treat yourself to a well-earned reward? Take the elevator up to Graystone’s Club Level and admire gorgeous views as you sip on something special. Make sure your evening ends on a beautiful high with one last breathtaking sunset!


Q What is the average cost of a condo in Seattle?

Seattle's condo market has seen a rise in median sales price of 3% compared to the same time last year, giving potential buyers an advantage. But despite this good news for those hoping to purchase, there are still fewer listings than usual; 290 units hitting the current sellers' real estate market is 48.6% lower than 2021 figures! As such, condos aren't attracting massive bidding wars like before and instead remain on the markets slightly longer - leaving open opportunities for competitively-priced deals that will sweeten any Seattle homebuyer’s experience.

Q Can condos be a good investment?

Condominiums can be a worthwhile investment, offering attractive locations and affordable purchase prices. However, buyers should remember that with condos comes the shared responsibility of being part of an HOA - a collective group who makes decisions for all owners in their community.

Q What are the disadvantages of a condo?

When it comes to purchasing a condo, there are some drawbacks to consider. Expensive maintenance fees and strict regulations from the condo association can make living in one difficult. Resale values may also be lower than expected due ability of delinquent owners within the complex leading others experience low levels of privacy or no land ownership rights at all - not forgetting limited storage capacity too!