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Pyzer Criminal Lawyers is a distinguished criminal law firm located in the vibrant heart of downtown Toronto. Their expert legal team delivers formidable defense across a broad spectrum of criminal charges, such as assault, robbery, dangerous driving, drug offenses, theft, fraud, and sexual offenses. Dedicated to transparent communication and rigorous preparation, they aim to achieve the most favorable outcomes for their clients. Serving the Greater Toronto Area and regions beyond, including Barrie, Mississauga, and Brampton, the firm provides 24/7 availability and offers free initial consultations.

The legal professionals at Pyzer Criminal Lawyers are equipped with a wealth of resources and engage in thorough preparation for each case. They are committed to identifying every possible legal defense and pursuing all legitimate technical arguments. Their goal is to secure a positive resolution for every case. Understanding that a criminal accusation can be a daunting ordeal with substantial social, psychological, and economic consequences, the firm seeks to reduce the stress associated with criminal prosecution. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, the presumption of innocence is upheld as a fundamental principle. They deliver nothing but effective legal representation.

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers

Pyzer Criminal Lawyers is recognized for its team of legal experts, focused on providing exceptional legal services in matters of criminal defense. Their emphasis on client satisfaction and a proven history of success establish them as a trusted choice for individuals facing legal challenges in Toronto and nearby areas.

Guided by a team of proficient defense lawyers, Pyzer Criminal Lawyers offers a wide array of legal services, including representation for criminal charges, bail hearings, trials, and appeals. Their lawyers have a deep comprehension of the Canadian legal system and tirelessly work to protect the rights and interests of their clients.

What sets Pyzer Criminal Lawyers apart is their personalized approach to client service. They recognize the uniqueness of each case and take the time to understand their clients’ concerns, tailoring their legal strategies to suit individual needs. Regardless of the severity of the charges, clients can count on Pyzer Criminal Lawyers for exceptional legal representation.


Assault OffensesReceive aggressive and strategic defense for assault charges. Our team understands assault laws and works tirelessly to protect your rights.
Sexual OffensesGet compassionate and expert legal representation for sexual offense charges. We provide support and guidance throughout your case.
Drug OffensesBenefit from our strong track record in defending drug offense charges. We are well-versed in drug laws and defend your rights vigorously.
MurderReceive comprehensive legal representation for murder charges. Our experienced team navigates complex cases to achieve the best outcome for you.
Property OffensesOur strategic defense for property offense charges protects your interests. We understand property laws and work tirelessly for your defense.
Driving OffensesExpert defense for driving offense charges, including impaired and dangerous driving. We have the knowledge and experience to defend your rights.
Weapons OffensesBenefit from our aggressive defense for weapons offense charges. We understand the seriousness of these charges and work diligently for you.
Young OffendersThe youth criminal justice system can be a confusing and scary place for young people facing criminal charges and their families. Let us guide you through the process. We provide a free consultation and will discuss how to get the best possible results for your case.
Bail HearingWhen someone is charged with a criminal offence and is arrested by the police, they may be released at the scene of their arrest, from the police station, or held for a bail hearing. We have extensive experience and an excellent record of success conducting bail hearings and bail reviews for our clients.


Q Do I have to answer questions from the police?

No, you don't have to talk to the police without a lawyer there. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we tell you to keep quiet and let the police know you want to talk to your lawyer before saying anything. This way, you protect your rights and don't accidentally hurt your defense. Getting help from experienced criminal defense lawyers like Pyzer Criminal Lawyers can make sure your rights are fully looked after during legal matters.

Q What should I do if I'm arrested?

If you get arrested, stay calm and don't fight back. Say that you want to keep quiet and that you want a lawyer; don't say anything to the police before you talk to a lawyer. Call Pyzer Criminal Lawyers right away because they are available 24/7 and will start making a strong defense for you. Being arrested doesn't mean you're guilty; Pyzer Criminal Lawyers will work hard to protect your rights and get the best result for your case.

Q Is it better to admit guilt or go to trial?

Whether you should admit guilt or go to trial depends a lot on your specific case. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we believe in giving a "full answer and defense" and will try to use every realistic defense and all good technical arguments for you. Our team gets ready for each case very well, aiming to get the best result. In the end, you should decide after talking in detail with your lawyer, who can give you advice based on the evidence and situation of your case.

Q Can my case be thrown out?

Yes, your case might be thrown out, but it depends on things like the evidence against you, legal details, and the arguments your defense makes. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we look at each case very carefully, trying to find ways to question the evidence from the prosecution and use all good technical arguments for you. Although we can't promise your case will be thrown out, our goal is to get the best result for every client by being very prepared and using our knowledge of criminal law. We suggest talking to us directly for a more exact look at your case.

Q What happens if I'm found guilty?

If you're found guilty, what happens next will change based on what you were found guilty of, how serious the crime was, your legal history, and other things considered during sentencing. At Pyzer Criminal Lawyers, we know how big of an effect a conviction can have on your social, psychological, and economic life. That's why we use every legal way and defense possible to avoid that outcome. But, if a conviction does happen, we will help you with the next steps, like looking at options for appeals or different sentences where possible. Our goal is still to get the best result and lessen the impact of a conviction on your life. Remember, we're dedicated to giving effective legal help and keeping the idea that you're innocent until proven otherwise.