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Property Zeus is a full-service company in Frisco, TX offering an array of services to keep your property looking its best. We provide Day Portering, Office Cleaning, Residential Cleaning, Power Washing, Junk Hauling, Property Maintenance services, and more. We are committed to providing the highest quality commercial-grade cleaning services possible. Our highly trained professionals are experts in using the latest cutting-edge cleaning technologies, like UV-C, to eliminate germs and bacteria. We proudly offer our superior services to commercial buildings, office buildings, retail spaces, schools, event spaces, government facilities, and even hospitals. When it comes to keeping your environment clean and healthy, Property Zeus is a clear choice. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you keep your property looking its best.


Q How often do businesses need a deep cleaning service?

It’s important to have deep cleanings every six months or so if you want the office space be a welcoming environment for employees. If there are more people working in an area, then they will need different types of care than just one individual because dirt accumulation can happen quickly even with regular cleaning efforts alone!

Q How often should I clean my property?

Cleaning a house depends on its size, how frequently rooms are used, and the sorts of furniture and surfaces it contains. Some items require daily cleaning, while others may be cleaned once a week with a good scrubbing every few months or annually.

Q What if something is damaged during a cleaning?

Our cleaners are trained to treat your home’s surfaces with the utmost care. Accidents, on the other hand, do happen. if a product is broken Our office manager will call you to make arrangements for repair, replacement, or compensation when a note is left to notify you of the incident. At our discretion, Property Zeus will try to repair or replace the item.

Q What do I do if I need to cancel a cleaning?

Simply give us two business days notice so that we can schedule another cleaning in your time window. This ensures that your cleaning crew does not miss any work hours that week. Please notify our office as soon as possible if an emergency occurs that does not allow for adequate notice.