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Family owned and driven by customer satisfaction, we specialize in air conditioning repair service, air duct cleaning, HVAC installations and commercial refrigeration.

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Licensed Bonded Insured | State License #CAC1818964

Momentum AC Services Inc is a family-owned business that has been providing the best heating and cooling services to Tampa FL families, homeowners, as well as companies since our inception. We are dedicated to excellence by ensuring high-quality workmanship coupled with personal care for all customers alike.

Momentum AC is committed to selling and servicing all major brands of air conditioning at the best prices. We also offer a unique maintenance agreement with labor included so you can get your unit installed on time, delivered quickly for fast response times when needed most!

AC Services

Your air conditioner is one of the most important appliances in your home. When it breaks down, you feel powerless to fix or prevent any problems from happening – especially during Tampa’s hot summer months! You need an expert who specializes just as much in repairing AC units as they do running them efficiently so that bill costs don’t skyrocket and performance stays poor. Momentum AC’s highly trained professionals can help with all kinds of services including annual tune-ups & repairs when needed. 

Heating Services

Pool heaters are complicated pieces of equipment. You want to make sure your pool is heated enough so that you can comfortably enjoy swimming all year round, even in the summer when it’s hot outside! The right heating service will help out with this goal and more – our technicians at Momentum AC are qualified for running a great system while taking care not only about pools but air conditioning units as well.

Air Quality Cleaning Services

When you need a professional and reliable company to take care of your home, let us help. We offer quality air duct cleaning as well as dryer vent services so that every part in the house can be properly cooled or heated while reducing CO2 emissions from appliances like clothes dryers which could lead not only improve utility bills but also protect against fire risks such things when they are getting too hot due lack-of maintenance by opting for momentum’s expert technicians who know what they’re doing!

Commercial HVAC Services

If you’re looking for high-quality commercial HVAC services, look no further than Momentum AC! We understand that a great working environment needs comfortable air to keep everyone happy. Is your workplace temperature making staff and customers uncomfortable? Is it freezing in one area while other parts are hot or does the noise come from the AC unit when turned on? These types of problems can be caused by a variety of issues such as dirty filters, improper maintenance procedures that have gone ignored for too long, etc., but if left unchecked they may lead to major repairs like replacing an entire HVAC system which would ultimately cost more than just correcting these minor infractions! 

Annual Maintenance

If you live in Tampa, Florida, and experience hot summers or cold winters then your AC is likely going to wear down faster than expected. It’s important for homeowners who have this type of climate conditioner maintenance services to be needed more often because they run the risk of depleting an air conditioning system’s efficiency by neglecting its upkeep which leads them to have higher energy bills as well as expensive repairs when something does go wrong.