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In the vibrant community of Mesquite, TX, Metro Gate Repair LLC emerges as a standout in gate repair and upkeep. Our path in the fencing realm is distinguished by our relentless pursuit of top-tier workmanship, superior materials, and stellar customer service, securing our spot as a favored fence contractor locally.

Services Offered:

  • Gate Repair: Our adept gate repair services quickly bring back your gate’s efficiency and safety. We solve problems like broken motors, impaired tracks, or deteriorating components effectively. Our technicians ensure your gate functions flawlessly, providing you with ease and assurance.
  • Commercial Gate Repair: Our bespoke commercial gate repair services are designed for the specific requirements of business properties. From mending frequently used gates to upgrading security elements, we keep your enterprise safe and operational.
  • Gate Installation: Enhance your property’s visual appeal and security with our skilled gate installation services. Our team devises solutions that align with your aesthetic and security desires. From residential entry gates to commercial access points, we install gates that improve your property’s look and practicality.
  • Welding Repair: Our precise welding repair services step in when gates or structures exhibit wear and tear. Our expert welders fix and strengthen various materials, ensuring their robustness and long life. We repair gate frames and enhance security features, guaranteeing enduring solutions.

Our team, brimming with experienced pros, is proficient in a wide spectrum of services for both home and business clients. We manage an array of projects, from elegant wooden gates to sleek vinyl options, ensuring every job is done with the highest level of detail and care.

Being fully licensed and insured, Metro Gate Repair LLC offers you the assurance of dealing with a reputable and meticulous contractor. Our passion for customer satisfaction propels us to outshine in every project we undertake.

For those in Mesquite, TX, looking for trustworthy, high-caliber, and wallet-friendly gate repair services, Metro Gate Repair LLC is your ultimate destination. Get in touch for a no-charge consultation, and let us elevate the safety and charm of your property with our exceptional gate services.


Q What kind of maintenance is required for my gate?

Regular cleaning and monitoring are vital for your gate's optimal condition. Keep an eye out for rust, maintain lubrication of moving parts, and quickly handle any signs of damage.

Q What are the typical materials used in gate installations?

We employ a variety of first-rate materials like wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link, to accommodate different styles and needs.

Q How long does a driveway gate usually last?

Generally, a driveway gate can last between 10 to 20 years. Factors like material, upkeep, and usage frequency affect this. Consistent maintenance and immediate repairs can notably prolong its life.

Q Can I fix my sliding gate on my own?

While you can tackle minor sliding gate issues yourself, it's often wiser to seek professional help. Sliding gates have intricate parts that can be risky or further damaged if incorrectly handled. Professional repair ensures lasting performance and can be more cost-saving over time.

Q What's the duration for gate installation?

The duration for installing a gate depends on the project's extent. At Metro Gate Repair LLC, we aim for quick completion of installations, adhering to the set timeline while maintaining high-quality standards.