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Fast, Efficient Sewer Repair and Drain Cleaning Service

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Welcome to Caliber One Plumbing & Construction in Santa Ana, CA! We specialize in Sewer Repair, Drain Cleaning, Water Heater Repair, and Emergency Plumbing. Our team is committed to providing top-quality service to the Santa Ana community. Facing a plumbing issue? We’ve got you covered with reliable, prompt solutions. From urgent leaks to routine maintenance, we ensure your plumbing needs are met with expertise and care. Trust us for efficient service that keeps your home or business running smoothly. Call Caliber One for all your plumbing needs in Santa Ana!


Q What should I expect when I call for water heater repair?

When you contact us for water heater repair, our technicians will first diagnose the problem. We handle all types of water heater issues, from simple repairs to complex fixes. We aim to restore your hot water supply as quickly as possible with minimal disruption.

Q Do you offer drain cleaning services?

Yes, drain cleaning is one of our specialties. We can tackle anything from minor clogs to major blockages, ensuring your plumbing system functions smoothly. Our team uses safe and effective methods to clean drains and prevent future issues.

Q How does Caliber One handle sewer repair?

Our skilled plumbers use the latest techniques and equipment for sewer repair. We assess the issue thoroughly and provide effective, long-lasting solutions, whether it's a blockage, damage to sewer lines, or other sewer-related problems.

Q Can I call Caliber One Plumbing & Construction for emergency plumbing services?

Absolutely! We offer emergency plumbing services to address urgent issues like burst pipes, severe leaks, or any plumbing emergency that requires immediate attention. Our team is ready to provide fast and efficient solutions.