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When it comes to pool care, you want a company that understands the importance of quality work. Bri Pools Repair and Service provides all weekly service technicians with years of experience in pool care and training on how to troubleshoot any issue your pool may be experiencing. If you are looking for an owner accessible company who will provide exceptional customer service, contact Bri Pool Services today!

For over 10 years, Bri Pools Repair and Service has been a leader in the swimming pool industry. We pride ourselves on maintaining your Arizona’s quality and integrity through weekly service to make sure you have clear water that stays safe from bacteria buildup or algae blooms because of improper pH balance with alkalinity levels!

Bri Pools Repair and Service knows that a pool is an investment and we take pride in maintaining the best quality for you. We provide weekly services, including chlorine sanitizer pH balance (important to keep clear water safe from bacteria buildup or algae blooms), which help us maintain integrity of swimming pools over time so they last longer with proper care.

We offer all our Tempe AZ clients with top-notch pool cleaning and maintenance services that will make you feel like a king. When it comes to pool care, no detail is too small for us! From routine maintenance and refilling all the way through heavy-duty work such as decking additions or refinishing acrylic components on your own backyard oasis – our team has got you covered with professional service at affordable prices (and free quotes). You deserve nothing less than excellence from every part of life; why not start by giving yourself an elegant leisurely swim until sunrise?

What’s your pool looking like these days? Do you want to get that crystal clear, sparkling look again. Maybe it needs some help from chemicals or new automation systems! Our team at Bri Pools Repair and Service will be happy work on all of those things for you; so call now before we are booked up!

Our pool technicians are highly experienced in Cartridge & DE filter cleaning, algae pool cleaning, installation of new variable speed pumps, installation of new salt cells, replumbing of leaky valves and pipes, acid washing and chlorine bath service, tile cleaning, calcium removal, pool tile repair, handrail installation, acrylic decking additions and refinishing, and more.

Give us a call today for a free pool cleaning and repair estimate.