How to Get Rid of Green Pool Water

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If you own a swimming pool, you know what it’s like to see greenish cloudy water just sitting there in your pool. You are told that chlorine is the solution but you will need to test the water to find out how much and whether or not you need to use an algaecide.

Getting rid of green pool water is more difficult than it sounds particularly if you do not know what the problem is. Luckily, there are a number of remedies, and different chemicals you can use to increase the water clarity. This article describes how to do this. 

Why is my swimming pool turning green?

A swimming pool’s water can turn green for a variety of reasons, including incorrect pH/alkaline levels, the presence of metals, algae growth, faulty filtration system, or organic debris in the pool water. Some of these are simpler because the pool has tree branches, leaves, insects, or possibly hazy water floating in it. Nevertheless, something such as pH or alkalinity is required to be measured with a testing kit and then adjusted accordingly using chemicals such as chlorine or algaecide.

If you have run into this problem before and are not sure what is causing it, contact a professional pool repair company immediately. They will test your pool water using a pool testing kit and determine exactly what you need to fix.


Steps in Cleaning a Green Swimming Pool

Step 1.) Remove organic debris

Debris such as leaves, branches, dead insects, and other unwanted material is usually the first thing to do in cleaning a pool because it obstructs filtration systems. They can make it harder for your filter to work well, and they might even get in the way of the chemicals you put in to keep the water clean. Also, if there are any algae spores in the water, taking out the leaves will stop them from getting bigger.

Step 2.) Evaluate pool water chemistry

After that, you’ll want to use a pool testing kit to obtain a baseline for your pool’s chemistry, such as this one to check for bromine, acid demand, chlorine, pH, and total alkalinity. You can also have your pool water tested at your local pool store if it’s necessary. However, they propose obtaining a sample 12 to 18 inches below the water’s surface and taking one in the morning before the sun has a chance to burn off the chlorine.

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Step 3.) Shock your pool water

You must know how to shock a pool correctly in order to effectively shock a pool. Even though it is referred to as “shocking” a pool, you are actually raising the chlorine levels of the pool above what they should be. This aids in the eradication of any remaining bacteria as well as algae that may still be present following organic debris removal. It is possible that, after you’ve added chlorine, it will become cloudy. However, this should clear in about 24-48 hours. Shocking a pool at night is advised to avoid UV interaction and pH levels must be between 7.2 and 7.4 for optimal results.


Step 4.) Run the Pool filter and start vacuuming

After you shock the pool and the algae die off because of the shock or algaecide, it’s time to vacuum and run the pool filter. By vacuuming your pool before running the filter, you are making it easier for the filter to do its job because when you don’t vacuum your pool, a clog will enter the filtration system, which will require a professional to replace your pool pump. Experts agree that you should run a pool’s filter for at least 24 hours nonstop, and backwash as needed to prevent clogs from entering the filtration system.

Step 5.) Keep up with regular pool maintenance

After you’ve completed your pool and it no longer appears green or hazy, it’s time to concentrate on a regular monthly, weekly, and daily maintenance program. This means regularly checking and cleaning the filter, skimming the surface of the water, and keeping the pH level balanced. By doing this, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool for many years to come!

Briphen Pool Maintenance Service Can Assist You in Getting Rid of Your Green Swimming Pool

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