How Do You Open A Master Lock Without A Key?

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Master locks, also known as the “master of all locks”, are the world’s most dependable locks. Many people all over the world make use of master locks to keep their belongings secure, making them a very useful lock.

Trying to open a master lock without using a key is often seen as an impossible task. The majority of people tend to believe that there is no way they can open a locked master lock without its original key. This leads to hiring professional locksmiths who charge steep fees in exchange for their services. However, this doesn’t mean that opening a master lock is impossible.

There are two main types of master locks. One is the combination lock, and the other is the keyed padlock. When it comes to these types of locks, it is less likely for you to encounter any issues, unless the lock gets jammed or broken in some way. Nowadays, there are different styles of master locks available on the market – luggage restraints, mailbox locks, storage drawer locks, just to name a few.

To open a master lock without using a key, you’ll need the following items with you:

  • A pick
  • An Allen wrench
  • A bolt cutter
  • Pliers of vise
  • A cell phone

Steps to open the master lock without any difficulty

Try your luck with the simple steps below to open your master lock.

Step number 1:

Before anything else, check if you have the spare key. Every Master Lock that is being sold in the market comes with a spare key, maybe you just kept it under the bed, in your safe, or gave it to someone for safekeeping just in case you misplace yours. If you’re using this for work, then chances are your manager or supervisor has the spare you can use.

 Step number 2:

You might know the number engraved on your key; if you do, then go to the hardware. Show the shop the key number of the lost key and you might be able to get a new key. Otherwise, proceed to your plan B.

Step number 3:

No luck at the shop or finding your spare key? Try using a bolt cutter. Not all bolt cutters can be used to break a master lock without a key. You need to choose a pair of bolt cutters, which are about 22 or 24 inches long so that you can create enough leverage for unlocking. The longer the bolt cutters, the more likely you can open locks with large shackle diameters. Use pliers or a vise to restrict the movement of the lock. Once it’s been fixed, the only thing left for you to do is place the cutters so the two blades fit the shackles. If this does not work, then try lock picking.

Step number 4:

Insert a small pick in the lock and try to move the pins up and down. Once the pins have been located, use that wrench to rotate the plug of the lock. Do this slowly and carefully so you do not damage anything. This may unlock it, but if not, then call the professionals to do it for you.

Step number 5:

If all else fails, get your phone and call a locksmith; this is when having a trusted locksmith on your speed dial comes in handy. Professional and licensed locksmiths are knowledgeable in various types of lock and key mechanisms, making them your best bet when it comes to opening a master lock to which you do not have a key.

So, is it impossible to open a master lock without the key? Not at all! With a little bit of know-how and some practice, you can easily open a master lock by using alternative methods. In fact, many people have done it before – and so can you. All you need is a small amount of patience and perseverance, and soon you will be able to open any master lock with ease. 

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