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If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think about your sewage system until there’s a problem. And when that happens, it’s usually not pretty. That’s where your backup plan comes in – Call of Dooty! We’re here to help you deal with any and all sewage problems, big or small in Las Vegas. So don’t wait until it’s too late – call us today!

Leak Repair

While there are ways for you to fix a leak, like watching DIY videos or searching for DIY tips, it’s still best that you call a professional plumber when it comes to leaking pipes. What may seem like a simple fix can sometimes lead to a more difficult job. If a small leak is not caught promptly, it can lead to structural damage, mold, discoloration and warping. That is why calling a professional and licensed plumber like Call of Dooty is your best option.

Toilet Repair

A lot of homeowners find that their bathroom is one of the most used rooms in their home. So it’s not a surprise when your toilet breaks. Having a broken toilet is a major setback for everyone in the household. The best rule of thumb to fix a broken toilet is to call a plumber. Having a professional plumber can save you from wasting your time and resources.

Faucet Repair

When you hear that annoying “drip, drip, drip” even when you have closed your faucet, that can be a sign that you need to get it checked. Why? Because having a leaky faucet can cost you money and you are wasting water. When it comes to repair, we are your go to plumbers! Remember not everything is fixed by DIY. Sure it can cost less, but not knowing the cause of the leak can lead to a more serious problem. We at Call of Dooty want to help you stop the problem, so you can save money and conserve water. If you’re worried about the cost, don’t be! We have competitive rates and we don’t charge extra!

Garbage Disposal Repair

Kitchen appliances – yes! We all hope they could last forever! But our appliances that we use almost everyday can malfunction. Garbage disposals are an essential kitchen convenience for most homeowners. When your garbage disposal is turned on but not making any noise, your garbage disposal unit drains slowly, it’s jammed, smelly – these are some signs that you need the help of a plumber. Remember that when it comes to plumbing problems – Call of Dooty is the solution!

Give us a call today and we’ll help you with your plumbing needs!

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